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How does e-commerce operates in China?

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China Has the Biggest Online Retail Market, with 300 million customers in 2013, and has still a huge potential growth.
But are the biggest Chinese market places and the most consumed categories of products? Here are some figures to help you understand this market.

Marketplace is the future of e-commerce in China, taking over 80% of the market share.
And Tmall is now the biggest Chinese marketplace, where you can create different types of stores.
There is however a big gap between the western and Chinese internet and e-commerce landscapes.

Tailored to specific market requirements in cross-border e-commerce, BPH provides 3rd party services including: China e-commerce operations, China e-commerce consultancy service in branding and strategy, and a list of key support services. Everything you need to enter the Chinese market.

BPH has brand new offices

Decoding the distinctions between Chinese Consumers and Western consumers

Tmall Global visited BPH in its new office

Since April 2014, Baipinhui has brand new cross-border e-commerce office in Putuo district, on Zhennan road, in the Maiteng entrepreneurs’ center. This new office welcomes the cross-border e-commerce operation center with the management of BPH.

Since the introduction of economic reforms and open-door policy in the late 1970, the Chinese economy has enjoyed a rapid growth over the past three decades, in line with this economic growth, there has been a steady growth in consumption by Chinese consumers.

On April 2014, the Tmall Global team visited BPH in its new office in Maiteng entrepreneurs’ center in Putuo District. BPH goes often to Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou, but it was the first time that the Tmall global team came personally.

Alibaba IPO : the stunning figures

Modern logistics and international e-commerce

E-commerce in China in 2014


The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has confirmed its intention to make its IPO in New York. This operation could be the largest since the IPO of Facebook . With the development of e-commerce in the world, more and more international brands feel concerned about the biggest market: the Chinese market. With 1.3 billion people, China is naturally a huge market for e-commerce. Moreover, Chinese people are very connected, and are already used to buy all kind of things on internet. But this market is still growing very fast, and some say that 2014 will be an important year for e-commerce in the country. As a unit of Alibaba Group, Tmall Global provides a cross-border business model that offers foreign brands and retailers an opportunity to establish a presence in China via the entire Alibaba Group ecosystem.
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